About us

There's no doubt about it, the UK's highway network has to work very hard to support the increasing population of road users. Even with the looming prospect of autonomous cars, no one is yet talking about a vehicle without wheels, so the future of the humble road looks pretty secure for now. Which is great news for us, as the support services and technical innovators for one of the UK's leaders in the highways sector.

Eurovia Shared Services

Eurovia Shared Services = HR, Finance, Accounts, ICT, Comms and Marketing. But it doesn't end there, there's also Health & Safety, Supply Chain, Plant & Fleet, the Bid Team and Business Improvement.

It's not all about being out on the highways network. Even our industry needs these key functions to support and maximise the success of our business operations.

This means you don't need to know how to repair a pothole or redevelop a city centre network. You can join our exciting business from a whole range of industry backgrounds with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and expertise. In fact, we welcome fresh ideas and a different perspective – that's what enables us to keep moving forward and offer you varied and interesting careers.

Jean Lefebvre UK (JLUK)

Jean Lefebvre UK (JLUK), is a technical consultancy providing integrated expertise to our specialist businesses and their clients. We investigate and assess surface performance, develop innovative and sustainable solutions in our laboratory based in Cheshunt and seek ways to minimise vehicle related impact on the environment, such as through noise reduction surfaces, recycled materials and anti-skid treatments. Our work is highly specialised, yet it's fascinating and rewarding to know our products can make a difference to millions of journeys made across the UK every day.