Your Development

Providing access to professional and personal development enables our employees to flourish. We don't believe that training is just about the day job however. We offer a more holistic approach that includes education around well-being and encouragement to follow a healthy lifestyle, as well as enhancing self-awareness and soft skills development.

Professional Development

Employees are encouraged to seek out their professional development needs and aspirations. We invest in our people. That enables them to undertake further learning and broaden their skills. This brings mutual benefits for the business and the individual alike. This could be courses to expand your IT, HR or Finance knowledge - gain a qualification - it could even be a PhD.

Unconscious Bias training

Unconscious Bias training is awareness training delivered to as many people as possible, at all levels across the business.

This isn't just about how we interact with each other internally but also externally too. We are customer facing in many aspects of the business and we're always welcoming new people into our workforce. This is a well-received session that people find very eye-opening and value the opportunity to challenge their own biases they may not have even realised they had.